Holy is not something that you earn,

it's something that you are. 

I believe when we shift our perception, we change our experience, and when we change the way we experience our life, the reality of our life changes, too.

What is yoga lifestyle coaching?

Yoga Lifestyle Coaching takes the essence of yoga off of the mat and into our daily lives. 

Yoga is about acting with loving awareness.


When we can maintain an attitude of loving awareness throughout the routines of our daily lives, we evolve into the best versions  of ourselves and make ourselves candidates for the best that life wants to give us. 

There is a yoga of food, of movement, and of spiritual practice, which are essential and unique to every individual's potential for joyful living.

Yoga Lifestyle Coaching is for balancing any or all aspects of the mind-body-spirit connection. 

My coaching helps people with:

balancing nutrition, digestion, elimination, sleep, skin, weight management, effective exercise, yoga asana, yoga philosophy, practicing forgiveness, awakening joy, meditation, spiritual growth. 


Yoga by the Ocean


Tune-Up Coaching


one 30 minute discovery + assessment call

​​one 1-hour strategy call

one 30-minute follow-up call

This package is for you if you:

know where you want support

are unsure of what to do

need help getting started

want a system for follow-through

are ready to get to work now


Making a "Holy Shift" is what makes real shift happen.


RE-define and RE-purpose what "holy" means IRL.


Fine-Tune Coaching


- one 30 minute discovery + assessment call

​​- three 45-minute strategy calls

- three 30-minute follow-up calls

This package is for you if you:

- need to find a starting point

- want to cover several bases

- want multiple sustainable strategies

- want accountability support


Herbal Medicine

 My approach is holistic (surprise!) and looks different for everyone.

What could it look like for you?

Where do you want to make shift happen?

Private Yoga

Class + Tune-Up

in person

Limit 2 people 

45-minute session: $30

- warm-up

- one sequence

- asana tune-up

1-hour session: $45

- warm-up

- one sequence

- asana tune-up

- guided meditation

Perfect for people who:

- want help in specific poses

- want to be ready for their first class

- want a private practice

- want to pause + ask questions

As long as you are on the planet, you are here to deliver your gifts, your talents, and your skills with confidence and inner authority, withholding nothing. This is when you are living full out, moving in the reality of love, affluence, and artistry of being. Your radical aliveness not only affects your individual life but life on the planet as we know it.

- Michael Bernard Beckwith-

© 2020 by Holy Shift